About Raja Sen

Among the film-makers of Bengal, RAJA SEN perhaps is, the most committed and versatile. he is a humanist, who firmly believes in " portraying the victory of mankind after a course of conflicts with surroundings". The realistic sense of his film making brought him three National Awards including other prestigious laurels. In 1993 his documentary SUCHITRA MITRA received the National Award for best film in the Art and Culture section. In 1995, his debut feature film Damu was awarded Best Children's Film and his next film ATMIYO SWAJAN received the award for Best Family Film in 1999. In fact recognition and laurels began with SUBARNALATA a teleserial in entertainment arena. ADARSHA HINDU HOTEL and a host of others followed, all topping the popularity charts and making Sen a household name in Bengal. RAJA SEN has graciously placed forward and meticulously documented the real life paradigm of the living legends of Bengal's world of Art and Culture - Suchitra Mitra, Tapan Sinha, Sombhu Mitra, Subhas Mukhopadhyay.



TV Serials

  • Subarnalata (Sponsored 1987)-18Episodes
  • Anirban (Commissioned 1988)-4 Episodes
  • Kono ek gayer badhu (1992)
  • Aroggyo Niketan (Sponsored 1993)—13 Episodes
  • Streeash Charitram (Commissioned 1994) -4 Episodes
  • Anjuman (Commissioned 1996)-4 Episodes
  • Samparka (Sponsored 1986)-4 Episodes
  • Kolkata Kolkata (Sponsored 1988)-2 Episodes
  • Desh Amar Desh (Commissioned 1989)-4 Episodes
  • Bankim Sahitye Naari (Commissioned 1989)-4 Episodes
  • Adarsha Hindu Hotel (Commissioned 1989)-13 Episodes
  • Desh Amar Desh (Extn. Commissioned 1990)-5 Episodes
  • Tarashankarer Chhoto Galpo (Sponsored 1991)—13 Episodes
  • Jal pade pata Nade (Sponsored 1994)—13 Episodes
  • Jibaner Aaynay (Sponsored 1998)-4 Episodes
  • Chirantan (Ramoji Film City, 1999)-22 Episodes
  • Pallisamaj (Akash Bangla,Commissioned 2000)-8 Episodes
  • Galpo Guchchho (ETV)-8 Episodes
  • Mushkil Ashaan (ETV)


  • Sankalpa (1992)—child to child, Education film for voluntary Health Association
  • Kalnagini (English/Bengal, 1992)-Education film on AIDS, for Mass Media
  • Alora Swapna (1993)-On family planning for mass media
  • Jyotirmoyee Devi (1994)-(Doordarshan Commissioned)
  • Jeevan Khata (Hindi 1990)-On health education for Tata Tea
  • Aparajita (Bengali, 1992)-For ministry of woman and child development
  • A Volunteer Trainee Film for Ministry of HRD (1993)-On Audit Education
  • Dawn in the Jungle (1998)-On Tribal Development (Doordarshan Commissioned)
  • Kabita Album

Feature Films

  • - Damu (1996)
  • - Atmiyo Swajan (1998)
  • - Chakrabyuha (2000)
  • - Desh (2002)
  • - Debipaksha (2005)
  • - Krishnakanter Will (2007)
  • - Teen Murti (2009)
  • - Laboratory (2010)
  • - Mou Bone Aaj (2011)
  • - Cornel (2012)
  • - Khancha (2013)
  • - Maya Mridanga (2014)



  • Itihaser Kolkata (Commissioned 1990)-5 Episodes
  • Sri Ramkrishna O Shyampukur (1991)
  • Sound Pollution (1991)-W.B. Pollution Control Board
  • Glimpses of a Genius (1996)-On Shambhu Mitra, for Doordarshan
  • Rosogolla for EZCC (1989)
  • Suchitra Mitra (35 mm 1992)
  • Film-maker for freedom (35 mm 1994)-Afilm on Tapan Sinha
  • A Home Away from home (35 mm 1994)-A film on cancer centre & welfar home
  • Shambhu Mitra for EZCC (35 mm 1997)-Afilm on Doyen of Indian Theatre
  • Anthropological Society of India (1998)
  • Subhash Mukhopadhyay (2000) - For Sahitya Academy
  • Sundarban (2002)
  • Aalkaap (2005)-Best Director BFJA
  • Atmakatha (Tara Bangla)
  • Antaranga (Tara Bangla)
  • Mahabharatkatha (Tara Bangla)
  • Samaresh Basu (2009) - For CIIL

Tele Films

  • Antim Ratri (1993)-Based on Rabindranath Tagore's novel (National Tele cast)
  • Headmaster (1994)-Based on Narendranath Mitra's short story (National Telecast)
  • Sundar (1994)-Based on Mohit Chattopadhyay's Story (National Telecast)
  • Nai Roshni (1999)-Based on Sister Nivedita (National Telecast)
  • Chiracharit (1999)-Based on Mahasweta Devi's story (National Telecast)
  • Lila Chirantan (2001 )-Based on Ashapurna Devi's story (Aakas Bangla)
  • Sandhyar pare (2001 (-Based on Ashapurna Devi's story (Zee Alpha)
  • Bhavmurty (2002)-Based on Bani Basu's story (ETV)
  • Shudhu Tomari Jonnye (2003) Bhanga Gara (ETV)
  • Shudhu Tomari Jonnye (2003) Unees Bachhor Bayes (ETV)
  • Nishithey (2003)-Based on Rabindranath Tegore's story (ETV)
  • Manbhanjan (2003)-Based on Rabindranath Taogre's story (ETV)
  • Bandha Darjar Samney (2003)-Based on Ashapurna Devi's story (Doordarshan)
  • Abhinetri (2003)-Based on Ashapurna Devi's story (Doordarshan)
  • Oti Uttam (5 nos.) (ETV)
  • Palabar Path Nei (ETV)
  • Chabiwallah (ETV)
  • Majiayalo (Tara Bangla)
  • Bongo Aniaar (4 Ep, Tara Bangla)


Ad & Corporate Films

  • EMTA-The Coal Power
  • Ujjala—Jyothi Lab


Awards & Recognitions

National Award

Best Documentary Film (1993)- Suchitra Mitra
Best Children's Film (1997)- Damu
Best Family Film (1999)- Atmiyo Swajan

Pramathesh Barua Award

Best Direction (1988)-Subamalata'
Lions Club Award

Best TV Direction (1988)-Subarnalata

Ujjala Anandaloke Award
Best Direction-Atmiyo Swajan

Bengal Film Journalist Award

Best Documentary Film (1996)-Film maker for Freedom
2nd Best Film (1998)-Damu
2nd Best Film (2000)-Atmiyo Swajan
Best Documentary (2005) Aalkaap

Shiromoni Award

Best Film Direction (1997)-Damu
Bangladesh Film Festival, Dhaka
Juvenile Audience Award (2000)-Damu
Int. Indo-Bangladesh Kala Music Award

Best Feature Film (2004)-Debipaksha

Aajkal Television Award

Best TV Production (1988)-Subamalata
Best TV Direction (1992)-Adarsha Hindu Hotel


Kishore Kumar Award (From Cine Forum)

Best TV Production(1988)-Subarnalata
Best TV Direction (1992)-Adarsha Hindu Hotel


International Selection/Participation

  • USIS selection for participation in "Film in US" (1992)
  • Participant in Bengali Conference in USA (1995)
  • Participant in Banga Sammelan, USA (2000)
  • International Film Festival of India (2000)-Atmiyo Swajan, Selected in Indian Panorama
  • International Film Festival of Dhaka (2000)-Damu
  • International Film Festival of Dhaka (2001)-Atmiyo Swajan
  • International Film Festival of Cairo (2001)-Atmiyo Swajan
  • International Film Festival of Dhaka (2002)-Chakrabyuha
  • MAMI International Film Festival, Mumbai (2003)-Desh
  • Cinemaya International Film Festival, New Delhi (2003)-Desh & Atmiyo Swajan
  • Cinemaya International Film Festival, New Delhi (2008)-Krishnakanter Will
  • Atlanta Indo-American Film Festival (2007)-Krisnakanter Will



Other Association

Lecturer, Film Technology, Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Jadavpur, Kolkata Vice-Principal, National Institute of Film Academy (NIFA), Kolkata Advisor, Aastha (NGO) Ballygunge, Kolkata. Work in field for destitute children & women. Advisor, Thalasamia Gurdian Society, Kolkata.