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July 19, 2011 0 Comments Latest Updates by Administrator

At IIDAA Business School, we try to provide a holistic educational experience, not just a degree, as we strongly believe to stand out in today’s “education commodity” market, job seekers have to be well-equipped with not just concept and a good understanding of the subjects but also with an expected
level of work-attitude, communications skill and analytical thinking ability.

In the field of computer application and business management, job opportunities are adequately aplenty in this booming economy. But there is a great deal of supply-demand imbalance in the talent supply chain. It’s true that to grab onto the opportunities, job-oriented technical education degree is the only ticket or pass, but living up to the expectation of the opportunity givers is the most challenging task both for the job seekers and the talent-developers like the colleges and universities. That’s where we, IIDAA Business School, prepare ourselves to make the mark. In the one hand, we try our best
to realize the dream of a high-flying career for the youth, on the other hand, we strive to match the expectation of the opportunity creators in the economy, as we work hard not just as a facilitator of the talent supply chain, but play a key role in the transformation of thousands of dreams into reality.

So, for the applicants of our degree courses, my advice would be that: you should come for a lifetime experience and to witness the inflexion point of your career where it takes an exponential growth rate.Learn, think and grow!

All the best!


Joyjeet Maity

Advisory Board Member (Placement & Operation, IIDAA Business School)

B-Tech (IIT Kharagpur), PGDM (IIM Kozhikode)

Contact him at: [email protected], +91-7829906690