Career in Management \ Business Administration


Management has now amerged as an academic discipline.I f the word is split into three parts are- manage+men+t, it implies that management is the art of managing men [also women ] tactfully. Here the term 'tactfully' has greater significance. Through it stands for weilding power, it implies strength and cooperation for force, responsibility for obedience to rank and dynamic guidence for authority. It also means creative leadership directed towards result orientation. India has more than four million executive in managerial positions with or without formal education. This indicates the huge demand for management graduates and post graduates . Rapid expansion of industries in India has opened new vistas for excellent oppertunities of careers in management. New economic Policy of liberalization and decontrols has increased the demand for managerial personnel in the corporate sector. With The career in management offer one of the best remuneration packages in the country, particularly in the private sector like Finance, Production, Marketing, Personnel and Administration.Career should not just be allowed to happen, you need to manage it-just as you manage anything else which is important.For the new MBA, there are some areas of oppertunites, career where the oppertunites for initial employment and growth within the field are readily available. In the recent years career oppertunities for MBAs have been increasing in areas based on specializations such as :






 Career in IT


The IT industry has great scope for people as it provides employment to technical and non-technical graduates and has the capability to generate huge foriegn exchange inflow for India. India exports softwares and services to approximately 95 countries in the world. By outsourcing to India, many countries get benefits in terms of labour costs and business processes.Also, the Indian companies are boardening the range of services being provided to the customers, which is resulting in more shoring. Career oppertunities in the IT sector are bright and growing in India as awell as abroad. IT is a diverse industry in which the companies are looking for a multi-skilled, tech savvy workforce. Even if you are not planning for this industry directly, you will still need IT skills for employment in other sectors.India's large population is more of a strength than weekness. It is a huge potential market .